Jim Reverend (revjim) wrote in lj_dev,
Jim Reverend


Think back to before the web... do you remember what a bookmark did then? It... kept your place in your book, so you could pick up reading where you left off.

All of this syncitems talk has caused me to think of a new possible LJ feature.


Create a special form of the lastn and friends views that displays all journal entries (from oldest to newest) that have been updated since a specific time. Create a table in the database with the following fields:

If a user is logged in, he/she could book mark his/her position. The database would store the bookmark location (in the form of the last updated time of the item being bookmarked). the next time the user viewed that journal in bookmark mode, only the entries posted or updated since the last bookmark was made would be displayed. And, they would be viewed from oldest to newest. This allows users to read when they like, as much as they like, bookmark where they leave off, and come back for more later, never having to worry about missing a post.

To make this work REAL well, user styles should include a bookmark link down by the "Comments?" link or on the talkpost.bml page along side the memories links and whatnot.

Another name, other than bookmarks should be used for this feature as, due to the use of the meaning the word bookmarks has taken on since the birth of the web, users would be confused as to what functionality this feature provided.

Comments, suggestions, discussion?

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