dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

Next meeting?

Hey all,

Due to the general crappyness of world events, I haven't called a meeting in the two weeks since the first.

but, now it's time to start that up again. We need to have another meeting.
What time would be best for everyone? It can happen as far away as next saturday, as long as it does happen then.

I want to focus on the documentation project. It is important that we get accurate docs quickly and make a new tarball'ed release. Probably announce on freshmeat and the like as well.

We have a lot of work to do before we can release, mainly with docs. We can't release it with a half-assed manual.

This is painful, yes, but once it's done it will be easy to keep updated, and people will be able to work much faster. We really need this done so we can get on with our work here. I believe we could accomplish a lot with what needs to be done during a meeting, as well as find out who can do what. If the devs show up and for two hours cram out docs, we could get most of the LJDEP and LJFUNC stuff done, if not all of it. People will be there for questions and help, so it won't be like working alone.

and again, I really want the meeting after that to be focused on things like features for paid members :)

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