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new lj user

hi, i'm new to lj and this community and would like to introduce myself. i live in sf, recently laid off, comfortable in c/c++, perl, php, python and can handle java and vb (argh) when needed. haven't used bml before but it doesn't look too bad.

currently, lj optionally sends emails whenever a comment is posted; i wonder if it would be beneficial to send an IM message (ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, YHOO) instead. IM Msgs are more immediate and the lj emails could pile up if a user receives too many comments. we could use jabber (jabber C API or Net::Jabber) to send IMs to any jabber-supported network. wouldn't be too difficult to write an abstract LJ::UserMsg layer that would send a message as email or IM depending on user preference.

since i have plenty of free time now, i am planning on implementing this. i am looking for any pros, cons, or any suggestions. maybe somebody is already working on something similar..

[ oh, i saw the lj camp at brc but unfortunately didn't get a chance to swing by. will do next year ]

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