Иосиф Фaннин (jhf) wrote in lj_dev,
Иосиф Фaннин

Okay, I promise to ask only one stupid question a month (week?)

Where do the caps for each capability class get set when they're not defined in ljconfig.pl?

I have a problem with my lj setup not allowing me to add friends... I thought this was because maxfriends was undefined, so was being initialized to zero. I was wrong, and now have 're-undefined' maxfriends in ljconfig.pl, but I'm still getting the error message that I've hit my maxfriends limit. (Before this, I just got an unexplained 104 'error adding one or more friends'.) If I had to guess, I would say that defining maxfriends wrote something into the db somewhere?

Does this make any sense at all, or have I already broken things beyond comprehension?


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