Greg Walrath (gregw) wrote in lj_dev,
Greg Walrath

Uh-oh, somethin' broke

We've run in to an issue with large user lists over in support. We've discerned that the limit to the number of users you can have is 750; all fine and good.

Apparently, though, when you get over 500 on your Friends list, the Userinfo page puts a special link next to 'Friends' that takes you to a directory page, supposedly more suited for viewing such a list. See gigglecam's user info page for an example.

However, clicking on this link produces an error:

[Error: Undefined subroutine &BMLCodeBlock::connect_db called at (eval 13) line 20. ]

Not a big deal, since users with these large lists report still being able to manage their list; it's just not viewable by clicking on the link.

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