Karl (supersat) wrote in lj_dev,

login_do.bml 1.8 bug

Upon trying to log onto LJ too quickly, I mistyped my password and got a very funky-looking error page. Knowing that LJ was updated last night I decided to see if any changes were made to login_do.bml, and if so, what they were. According to the CVS log (very nice interface, btw), LJ::bad_input replaced some of the old error code, causing interesting (see also: ugly) things to happen. If I knew Perl and/or BML I'd fix it, but since I don't, I figured I'd let the developers know so they can fix it. :)

BTW, I downloaded the LJ server source hoping to find the data to populate the Zips table, but that data wasn't included. Does anyone know where I can download this data?

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