Cryo (cryo) wrote in lj_dev,

small site optimization?

I've been digging around since I got lj up and running, and I'm kinda shocked that it's currently configured to be a beeeeg peeeeeg.

I'm running on a 600MHz Alpha with 128M of memory, with nothing else running besides the OS, MySQL, Apache and Perl.

So, I start MySQL up.. everything looks normal.

I start Apache up, and fast cgi spawns off a bunch of Perl processes, which I would expect, until I started noticing the -size- of them. So large that it swaps out 98M by the time it's finished firing up. Needless to say top is reporting:

Memory: 60M Act, 34M Inact, 4776K Wired, 8048K Free, 98M Swp, 159M Swp free

For a totally idle system, this seems amazingly excessive. I notice that all hits require page ins to happen, since there's only the 8M free...

I'm sure this is great on a 1G memory system and flies, but for a development box, it seems a little overwhelming.

Anyone have any ideas? My Apache settings are sanely set to minspare 5, maxspare 10, start 5, max clients 150, maxreq/child 30

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