Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

My todo list

Does anybody want to work on any of these things?

* kill hintlastnview (need revtime indexes on log, since mysql 3.23
   can't use indexes in reverse without full table scan... or wait
   until mysql 4.0 optimizer backport to 3.23... ugh)
* attach files to posts (good for groupware)
  -- new cap limits:  canattachfile, filemaxsize (0 for no limit)
* statushistory table: log suspend/priv/acct change history 
* htdocs/userpic: why use LJ::Cache at all if we're using disk now?
* htdocs/userpic: doesn't clean disk cache yet
* bin/maint/ recent_talktext isn't cleaned yet, index prob
* add "scope enum('general','local')" to all prop tables
  -- change SQL exporter to recognize only general
* postevent dup locking
* rate limiting (bradfitz)
* deprecate /cgi-bin/log.cgi, make /interface?mode=<...>
* /fz/ joins on logtext (requires master) 
* talk* joins on logtext (requires master)
* "unpay" console command
* RELEASE!  new tarball.
* cvsreport:
   * -c doesn't need to scan maind.. perf.
   * -s with args doesn't need to scan everything, just args.
* ljcom: automate username changes (payments and renaming)
* support: dakus wants to be able to mark requests as "still needs help"
* LJ::delete_user()
* require POST for all do actions (use LJ::did_post to check)
* add config option to disable BMLSESSION stuff, since we don't
  use it anyway
* editjournal_do: clean HTML (marquees don't close, etc.)
* directory: (need to set non-pub userprops on editinfo change)
* finishing (avva?)
* store as UTF-8 in database (avva investigating)

* should never need to login as community!
  -- e.g. uploadpic/editinfo/etc needs to let community admins 
          select their community to modify while logged in as
* use LJ::send_mail everywhere, not by hand
* XHTML compliant everywhere
* remove *_do.bml pages, merge with main page instead.

* LJDEP (halkeye)
* LJFUNC (bradfitz)
* internals/system (dormando)
* BML (avva)
* XML build env (tribelessnomad) ??
* guide

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