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development managing, oh boy!

Reminded by brad's recent lj_biz post and because I had already started this sort of deal for the code section, I'll be continuing to try to manage the development section of LJ.

It's not like I actually code all that much, eh? Eheheh. Oh that makes me sad.

So, here's the thing - just as with the last group I was with, there will need to be managers for each major area on LJ. There already are some people like that. The development area seems to get hit the hardest, but if I can get more people actually working, my time investment would be worthwhile.

The managers will have to talk often (IRC meetings? A mailing list? Oooh! I manage mailing lists! Although IRC meetings would be nice, they get stuff done quickish) in order to keep everything up to date. I have found out firsthand what happens if the managers don't talk to each other enough, and it isn't pretty at all.

So, for development and development docs, I'm going to keep track of what people are currently doing (by watching what they submit, and harassing people into the habit of telling me when they finish things.) and what needs done. Since I have my face in the servers all day, I have a good idea of what needs to get done sooner than later. Brad knows better than me, and will probably keep me updated, too :)

I'll end up writing tools on my end to make this easier, but eh. Development management is probably too big for my attention span, too. So I would appreciate it if someone else would give me a hand in collecting new projects and code requests. Mainly by watching the suggestions community, which I have stopped watching recently.

First on the bid, for new devs:
THIS POST needs to have the associated docs read and commented on. I have written sections of it purposefully very poorly in an attempt to see if someone would correct me. So far, no one has. Even people who do know how to code say they don't know the internals so well, and that's the purpose of this doc. It will get an awful lot larger through each draft. Which I hope to make one of per week.

I have lots of other docs to write and update. I'm also working on getting more competent programmers working on the LJ codebase. Since a lot of people have said they just don't have the time, or just don't have the knowledge, at all, to help out.

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