Sean (darksoul) wrote in lj_dev,

Announcing the 1.4.7 Beta Availability?

Possibly the wrong place to post this (don't you hate it when an entry starts with that), but will the 1.4.7 version of the windows client be added to the download page soon? I'm noticing that with the crisis that is going on, more and more people are using LJ as their main news source. As we move further and further into peak usage time, we stand an even greater risk of server-side issues. While I don't think this will have enough effect to completely prevent a server crash if one does occur, i think it will provide us with a little more leeway. Another suggestion would be to link to it from the Status page (I haven't seen Opi around or I'd have made him do it myself). If the site does go down, then at least they'll read about the Beta client there and give Dorm some breathing room to bring things back up. LJ has been one of the few bastions of fairly reliable news for most of it's users today. We can't have it failing us. This is information that should be made available to everyone and should be readily visible. This is what makes LJ great. We can't have it fail....

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