Momo (momokatte) wrote in lj_dev,

lj_dev newbie

Hi everybody! I just started helping out in the LJ support area, mostly with HTML and CSS troubleshooting, and decided to join lj_dev when I came across an HTML cleaning bug.

I'm pretty sure I read that is currently under review, and want to find out if the following bug has been identified and/or fixed:

'autoclose' does not do tag nesting, it instead runs through a fixed-order list and generates the required number of closing tags for each opening tag in the entry. This is okay (but not XHTML compliant) for font formatting tags, but is causing problems with unclosed tables and tables left open by the <lj-cut> tag.

For example, if a person starts two tables in an entry but they get cut off by an <lj-cut> tag, the entry is autoclosed with this:


instead of this:


This behavior caused the table breakage addressed in support request 14987 and may also be causing the 'narrow table' anomalies listed in other support requests.

Since I just joined lj_dev, I don't think I have access to the currently under review. Could someone provide a link, or e-mail the file to me?

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