Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Meeting Log & Minutes

Great meeting! Thanks to everybody for coming, and to Dormando for setting it up. Incredibly productive.

Meeting Log:

* new BML release? get from livejournal, not
* directory rewrite sometime
* INERR undefined in livejournal? no, it was. weird.
* goatctl: toggle/reset goathack dev environment (idigital)
* two CVS: use collections (avva)
* list server ... get working, announce, use.
* peer review of patches before mailing brad
* talkread/post library & abstraction for todo lists
* todo list maintainership (Mart)
* new install tarball -- upgrading -- yech:
-- need translation stuff done; move text/code apart
* store as UTF-8 in database (avva investigating), convert to HTML entitities on output
* community "member of" friend adding problem (bradfitz)
* poll creator needs to be linked
* /press/* history.bml, qa.bml (opiummmm)
* rate limiting tables/API review
* talkread screening (avva)
* image serving / expiration (evan)

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