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Okay - a while back I posted about getting info from userinfo.bml in a more usable format, then had to drop the project temporarily. Now I'm on it again ;) I'm looking at the source and trying to figure out a good way to do it - I've had it recommended to check for an xml flag (i.e. userinfo.bml?user=bob&xml=true) and output XML data. This seems okay to me, but I thought I'd ask opinions before I started writing it ;)

I was also considering a set of flags so you could tell it what you didn't need - i.e. userinfo.bml?user=bob&xml=true&bio=no&dates=no, for example, just so the database hits don't have to happen if the person doing the call doesn't need it. Or, alternatively, a set of flags so you can tell it what you *do* need - friends=yes&friendof=yes, say. I'm not sure it's worth coding both, and I like the idea of the second one a little better - it'll require slightly more intelligence on the part of developers, but reduce database load :)

any opinions? ^^

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