Tim (visions) wrote in lj_dev,


looking at faq 103 i noticed that permanent accounts get "shortchanged" initially. perhaps that should be changed? give them the std base + 5/month?

secondly, should communities be able to generate invitation codes? what about shared journals?

-- update:

also noted... the "expiration" for permanent codes needs to be checked to make sure that it applies only to the ones generated for the permanent account reasson, not the rest.

furthermore, it should be checked and verified that it isnt invalidly generating invitation codes (which it actually is doing) for situations in which a user had a paid account and transferred it to someone else (after getting a permanent account or whatever).

lastly, there should be an option to generate a specified number of codes instead of all of them at once. i now have 53 invitation codes, all to invite 1 person. phooey.

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