Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

livejournal vs. ljcom

I just committed some more stuff to CVS which further removes 'ljcom' crap from the cleanliness that is supposed to be 'livejournal'.

All the HELP BML tags don't have ljcom-specific faqids anymore... instead, there's a new config option in %LJ::HELPURL that maps topics to URLs and BML pages call LJ::help_icon which returns no HTML if the HELPURL isn't defined.

Also, I removed the "fast servers" crap from htdocs/login.bml ... instead, that uses another hook. (haven't done login_do.bml yet... will shortly).

I pseudo-appointed tydel to be the livejournal vs. ljcom nazi ... to bug me about anything in livejournal that shouldn't be there. However, it really should be everybody's job. All your goathack accounts have just livejournal by default ... report anything that's too ljcom. (with the exception of things I'm already working on, like paidfeatures/account-type abstraction)

BTW, halkeye, there's a new LJDEP link type... hook. See htdocs/login.bml. (this is documented in bin/ anyway)

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