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LJ Internals FAQ.

Hey all,

I see far too often people who really want to help out with LJ's development, or have a lot of seemingly fine suggestions, but have no way to easily understand the basics of how LJ works. So, I'm going to assemble an FAQ for the internals of LJ. Lots of basic questions and some more advanced questions... Trying to steer away from questions which would have to get updated every other day, however.

I was talking with some rather talented code folk the other night, and had basically spent a good half hour in a Q&A session getting some of the basics down, and at the end of it all, there was still a lot of work left to do. The devs who do know how the system works won't have time in the future to routinely answer all of these questions anymore, and potential devs might not have the time to experiment with the code enough to ever get up to speed on things.

The FAQ will have a couple of levels to it. So it'll be easier for me to answer those "Why can't LJ cache journal/friends pages?" or "Why can't you bring interest matching back?" kind of questions. Which are good questions, but without a bit of backstory, the answers don't make any sense.

So, normally I would just make up a bunch of questions and duitifully answer them, but I'm well aware of several problems with this. I have a bias toward what questions I would want to answer. Just to get rid of the most annoying questions. I'm also already familiar with the system, and will most likely skip or assume obvious some important steps in understanding the system.

So, with all of the rambling aside - Ask me questions. I may or may not answer them in the threads, it depends on if I'd be interested in further questions of yours. I'll also make up a bunch on my own (things most wouldn't know to ask for, since they wouldn't know they even exist.) I'll put up a draft as once I have one, and let everyone ask more questions on those, so I may clarify and add to it.

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