Scott Freeman (scottfreeman) wrote in lj_dev,
Scott Freeman

Goathack: I'm A Dufus

I really think I broke something on my goathack. I'm a dufus and shouldn't be let within SSHing distance of any server.

Anyway, my goathack (8013) is a bit broken. I was looking at the styles (global.look etc) and I have no idea what I've done, but I've broke it.

I tried uploading from CVS and setting CHMOD on the files for 777 but nothing is happening. The "page" element is defined, I can see it both in the global.look and the generic.look

Um, help?

Side: Do we think it might be a good idea to have goathack as some kind of discussion forum for us newbie fools who go around breaking our goathack server, so as not to bother lj_dev?

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