Nilesta (nilesta) wrote in lj_dev,


Must introduce oneself. Right. Hi, I'm new.

Just up front I'd like to state that I know little of LJ's secret, dark, scary little inner workings. Just enough to be dangerous, really, though I'm not likely to shoot myself or anyone else in the foot. I also haven't gone actively digging, though I suppose this will change, now. As to what I do know:

Too much of:
-- Visual Basic (Save your groans for after the entire list, please).
-- HTML/CSS/Blah blah blah
-- Multi User Forth (Heh!)

Enough to be scary:
-- C++
-- Perl

Enough to be dangerous:
-- Any language, given a resource and a couple of days.

I'm also one of those icky, creepy gifted learners. I'm really not kidding about the resource and two days things. I realize my skill set doesn't quite qualify to jump in and start hacking up code and gluing it back together, but I'd like to help out, no less.

In the meantime, I'll likely lurk around until someone finds something with my name on it and thrusts it into my hands. Or, hey, I'll try anything if the person asking looks desperate enough. (As long as 'pretty' isn't a requirement.)

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