Blogger 2 LJ Wrapper (viablogger) wrote in lj_dev,
Blogger 2 LJ Wrapper

Blogger API implementation for LiveJournal

Hi Everyone

I'm posting to let eveyone know about a wrapper for LiveJournal I wrote this morning. Basically, it implements the Blogger XML-RPC API on top of LiveJournal, which essentially lets you post to LiveJournal from any Blogger client.

Whether you think this is userful or a waste of time probably depends on your point of view, and I don't want to start a big old argument or anything. I'm really jsut announcing it incase anyone else was after a similar thing or incase anyone finds it useful.

Of course, this is no replacement for a full LJ specific XML-RPC interface (as the Blogger API is fairly simple) which I understand has also been written lately, and is being cleaned up at the moment, but it coudl prove useful to some poeple, especially now that you can post to Blogger via Jabber.

Anyway, I have a basic page up on my website saying what I did, how to access it etc, its at:
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