will (brit_will) wrote in lj_dev,

distributed lj

hi, this is a shot in the dark, but i was wondering if there were any plans to make a distributed network of livejournal servers... with the idea being that people in the UK post to and read from a UK server, people in Australia use an Aus one, maybe a couple in the US etc ... and the servers feed all new posts between each other in a steady stream ...

this would require a large amount of work to begin with, but would hopefully bring benefits...
1) that if Internap goes boom / Seattle has a brown-out, LiveJournal is still going
2) that less people are all trying to use the same boxes at once (seems to be the biggest problem at the moment)
3) that brad and the admin team can reduce some of the direct responsiblities for keeping LJ online - since each of the distributed servers would have its own admin team...

the disadvantages are ... that it would take a lot of work to get running, and secondly, that there might be a lag between people posting and people on the other side of the world having the posts available to read, because the servers havent done their sync'ing yet. oh and possibly it would be less secure, but i dont envisage this being a huge problem.

anyway, just a general "is this a viable possibility / request for comments".... so, comment away...

not sure if this is what this post was suggesting. if it is, then sorry.

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