Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

running out of ports

So, uh... we bought at Cisco 2900 XL awhile back with 24 ports... seemed big at the time.

But now we have 6 ports left, and 5 new servers coming in, leaving us with 1 free port.

We don't have a gigabit uplink, so linking two switches isn't an option. We could put in another switch and have on be the private network (10.*) and one be the public stuff only (two HSRP uplinks, marklar, bigip public, opendev server).

Or, we could get another Cisco and link them via a bunch of cross-overs and make a big aggregated link or something. Ghetto. Should've bought a switch with a gigabit uplink.

Any suggestions on future expandability from you networking types?

Anybody want to buy a like-new 2900 XL? :-)

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