December 12th, 2016

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cl-journal livejournal client

Hey everyone,

I'd like to present a livejournal client that I wrote to fulfill my needs but maybe there are other people that can find it useful.

The general idea is that the best way to write text is to to it in a favorite text editor in a plain text file, since you can easily save it, back it up or keep it as a draft without any fear that it gets lost. In addition it's much easier to search through text files than to do it by going through blog pages or using livejournal blog search.

cl-journal provides this oportunity. All posts are just markdown files that you write and later publish with one command. Client not only publishes new posts but also handles post modifications and deletes.

At the moment client only pushes data to the server and won't know if post was modified via web interface, so it's better to use it to publish posts and do all modifications. The good part is that you can manage only selected posts with the client and publish others by usual means.

For a full feature set please have a look on a home page, for release announcements please feel free to join cl_journal_cli community.

Some of the next features I'm planning to work on is a pull from the server, so that it's possible to get all blog history as text files and post templates so that it's easier to handle layout changes and things like table of contents.

At the moment only Mac OS X is supported, although other operating systems should be more or less trivial to support.

Thanks for your attention!