wakerife (wakerife) wrote in lj_dev,

I'm cross posting this to lj_biz and lj_dev:

Yesterday convinced the arts, humanities, communications, and computer science departments to use live journal for the journal component of their courses...At this time, there is a solid commitment for upwards of 90-120 student accounts starting the week of August 27th. If it goes well with the test group, then the campus might adopt lj for other projects, and for administration seminars.

So what I am wondering now, is if the journal is going to continue to survive, if my campus should burden the lj system, or if we should try to download the program and install it on site at Heritage… How difficult is it to set up? I have received a bid on helping to set up something for Heritage College, but I don't have asked around about money yet -- kinda putting that off for a bit (asking for money from the College budget). It was kind of difficult to get them to agree to adopting lj as the journal component for my students, much less getting someone to part with "discretionary funds."

I guess what I am thinking, is if this semester goes well, then I will be in a stronger position to ask for funding to either start a campus journal, and/or find more support for lj -- maybe even get lj added as a lab-fee thing , get budget funding to pay for consultants, something like that.

BTW: Has anyone considered writing some sort of grant to get funding for lj?

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