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December 25th, 2011

Alternative multipltform client for LiveJournal web-based service [Dec. 25th, 2011|12:05 am]
LiveJournal Development


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Oragir project implements an alternative multipltform client for LiveJournal web-based service. In contrast to other clients that allow reading and writing new entries in LiveJournal for a single user at a time, Oragir provides fast and easy way to "watch" and filter all newly added entries from all LiveJournal users at run time and store filtering results for future use. Being written in c++ with using Qt toolkit oragir performs well on any supported platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

Oragir 0.1 (beta) for Windows is released: http://sourceforge.net/projects/oragir/files/latest/download. For the rest of platforms you can build it from the sources.
I will appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Here are some screenshots...Collapse )

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A list of posts from friends for a given day [Dec. 25th, 2011|08:15 pm]
LiveJournal Development



Is it possible to somehow get a list of posts from friends for a given day? Say, I want to get a list of posts from http://youngracoon.livejournal.com/friends/ written on Dec, 24. How would I do that? Any suggestion or a link to a proper chapter in documentation?

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