October 26th, 2011

hoechlin: smiley

Release 86 and Cookie Handling

Release 86 is out and those who use certain browser extensions to log into Livejournal are finding themselves unable to do so. Also, several users are finding that they are logged out randomly between redirect screens on the site. I'm guessing that these are related. A staff member commented in the release 86 post that something was changed in the way cookies are handled and that's why the login extensions are no longer working.

I'm using LJ Login to handle my logging into and out of the site, but currently it's not working. I would like to fix this. The problem is that I have no idea what needs to be fixed because release 86 did not state what was changed in the cookie handling, which I'm assuming is the culprit. Does anyone know what was changed?

For reference: LJ Login currently uses the flat protocol for logging into and out of the site. I do not know if that matters, but I thought it might.

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