April 20th, 2010

Bitey Gushi
  • gushi

(no subject)

Hey there all,

I'm using an ancient perl-based LJ client, jlj, to post (it's easy and shell-based), and has a number of features I've grown used to. I'm presently revamping it to use more modern auth.

However, for about the past month, it seems that as soon as I attempt to log in, I get connection closed, no errors returned, no nada.

What seems to be worse is that it is doing this specifically on my host (, as I tried via telnet from another host in another state and got in fine.

If there's some sort of blocklist in play, how would I find out how to clear it up, or apply for an exemption?

  • arteny

Friends security level does not work

I am trying use LJ API. But I can't set visibility of new post for friends only. when i do postevent with security=friends, new post is created visible for all. if specify security=private - it works OK, post is not visible anybody except me. And I can't find anything about it around Net - only one link that friends security level didn't work for one guy when he posted from e-mail. Can anybody clear the situation? Thanks!