December 11th, 2009

Comments downloading question

Hello, please, help me to download all comments from community. I use perl-script with clear-authorisation in a LJ-server (XML-RPC). Community is very big and old. And method syncitems get me 500 items. But I iterate this method and get all posts. Next step - is a downloading comment. In this step I got error. And autorisation is Faild. I create request to LJ whith method sessiongenerate and can get SESSID then send this ID to /export_comments.bml?get=comment_meta&startid=$maxid&authas=$SESSID Server response Error-content whith:
<li>You could not be authentificated as the specified user</li>

But if I run this perl-script whith another autentificated-data (another community, no so big) I successfully get my XML from this URL.

Please tell me wrongs.