May 20th, 2009

HTTP Digest Authentication Bug

As documented on: and the corresponding lj request , there's a bug in the way the digest authentication works on livejournal, which occurs when trying to load syndicated pages with authentication.

The fix seems to be quite simple, as far as I understand it, but the request is currently closed.

Given it's been about 3 and a half years, how can a user (such as myself) work around this problem, and/or see the status of this bug fix request is?

livejournal changeset 15182: deleting all attributes for which tags?

I've been staring for a while at livejournal changeset r15182: LJSUP-4312, trying to figure out what it does and (more importantly) why. Apparently, it rewrites some tags so that <foo bar="quux"> becomes <foo>, but I'm not sure which. (It looks like most tags exempt from this rewriting are the lj* tags, but surely there has to be others, such as <a href=...">. Anyone has an idea?