May 19th, 2009


Bug in console when adding freinds

There is a big in the admin console when adding a friend. This exists on the current LJ installation as well as any site using the code. When you add a friend via the console who is already a friend of yours, their groupmask gets wiped out.

The bug is in cgi-bin/LJ/Console/Commands/ here is a diff that I created that seems to fix it.

---	2009-05-19 15:29:42.000000000 -0400
+++	2009-05-19 15:47:19.000000000 -0400
@@ -92,7 +92,9 @@
             } else {
                 $self->error("You don't have a group called '$group'.");
-        }
+        } else {
+            $gmask = LJ::get_groupmask($remote, $fu);
+        }
         my $opts = {};
         $opts->{'groupmask'} = $gmask if $gmask;

Add a preview button to the comment quickreply

There's a Dreamwidth patch I'd really, really love LJ to take up, and the community profile says contributions to LiveJournal code can be submitted here. It's adding a preview button to the quick reply comment box (more details here, including who made this beloved patch). I looked at the changes and they're pretty simple, so even if the patch doesn't apply cleanly (I think it will), it should be easy to recreate.

There's probably other little patches DW has that would be good for LJ to use--quick little things that might be nifty and won't take much work to apply. Should I look for more? Hearts.