March 13th, 2009

Versions of TheSchwartz on the 6A and LJ repos diverged

It looks like the versions of TheSchwartz in the LJ repository ( and the 6A repository ( diverged some 6 months ago and are also both different from the CPAN version ( As far as I know, this wasn't announced, which brings a few questions:

1- Are they going to be merged again, or is this an unofficial or not-yet-announced fork?
2- If it is, which ones work with LJ-originated code? (I know the LJI-hosted one works, but I'd like to hear about the other 2.)
3- Which one (if any) is "official" (in the narrow sense of "will be tracked on CPAN")?
4- Are they able to coexist peacefully, eg if an application indirectly depends on both?