June 24th, 2008


Hello all,

I've been trying to get captcha to work this morning, and I'm almost there. I've got them generated and all, but they're showing up as broken images. I've tried setting the blobserver path to be $HOME/var/blobs, /home/lj/var/blobs/, /home/var/blobs/1/0/000/001/captcha_image/0/ and nothing seems to work, what's the trick to getting it to work?

Here's my current config. It also doesn't seem to be showing them for anon comments :(

"clusters" => {
"1" => "$LJ::HOME/var/blobs/",
create => 1,
anonpost => 1,
$LJ::RATE_COMMENT_ANON = [[0, 65535]];

2007 portrait

Software Release - MultiLJ

I'm announcing the release of MultiLJ, a new LiveJournal client for Windows. Its unique feature is that all of its functions - journals, profiles, post editors, and so on - are independent windows that are hosted by the application. In other words, it is an MDI application and is also not dependent on the user's default browser. Editing and deletion of past posts are supported, as is custom friends groups. There is a comprehensive Help file available for Windows XP users (not available under Vista).

Because it is a young application, I consider it beta in nature. Hence, feedback and error repost are much appreciated. The download can be found at its community page, multilj, and issues with the program can be either reported there or at multilj@ravenslakeconsulting.com.