March 31st, 2008

death by cuteness

New Error

I just recently updated CommieJournal with the latest LJ OS code and now I'm getting this error when I go to view a full profile:

[Error: Can't locate object method "num_comments_received" via package "LJ::User" at '/home3/commie/public_html/htdocs/userinfo.bml' line 1206. @]

And, obviously, it's not showing the number of comments the person has received.

Help? Thanks.
death by cuteness

Frustrating error on email notifications

My account is #3 on CJ, and from the beginning, I've had troubles getting notifications by email. It's very strange, too, because if I post to a comm and get comments, I get notified, but if I post to my own journal and get comments, I'm not notified. I've also tried three different email addresses, from three different domains, and I've verified that the notices are not going to the spam folder.

What file or routine handles notifications? I need to find out what it is about my account, specifically, that is not letting the notifications go through. Thanks.