March 26th, 2008

  • banana

FotoBilder bug

There's a problem with the FotoBilder protocol. The documentation says:
Put in all galleries named exactly the value you give. If the gallery doesn't exist, it will be created in the tree as defined by the Path option, or as a top-level gallery if Path is not specified.


When creating a new gallery, the date of that gallery. Possible forms: yyyy[-mm[-dd[ hh:mm[:ss]]]]. (hh is 24 hour time) Default is to make undated gallery.
My client makes a new gallery when uploading an image by using headers like this:
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery._size: 1
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalName: MyNewGallery
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.ParentID: 4
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalSec: 0
X-FB-UploadPic.Gallery.0.GalDate: 2008-03-26
The gallery MyNewGallery is created OK, but it has no date.

The date is not completely ignored: if I submit an invalid date then I get Invalid argument: Malformed date.