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March 22nd, 2008

Several domains on same livejournal installation? [Mar. 22nd, 2008|06:28 am]
LiveJournal Development


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I had like to know if there is a way, (which isn't documented perhaps?), to use several different domain names on the same lj installation? That in order to propose different possible URLs to my users depending on the theme of their journal for example...
Livejournal seems to have been coded with domain specific concept in mind... So if it isn't possible with the actual code, would you have some advice about a way to achieve this? Perhaps Perlbal would be able to handle this?

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Workers [Mar. 22nd, 2008|11:08 am]
LiveJournal Development


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Hi all,

Is there any documentation on TheSchwartz and each worker (maybe a description of them). I know some are obvious like the birthday and the email one, but how about the others?

Also what kind of capabilities should I be giving so people can use the private messaging? I know my permanent account can send and get (from the system) messages, but when I tried from an EA account I couldn't send it to my permanent account.

Much thanks, this is definitely a cool feature!!
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reCAPTCHA.pm [Mar. 22nd, 2008|10:42 pm]
LiveJournal Development
[Tags|, ]

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a testinstall of LJ - but Apache won't start claiming it's missing a module called reCAPTCHA.pm.

Captcha.pm is installed, but doesn't refer to reCAPTCHA.pm - and there's no module of that name: What have I done wrong?

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