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March 15th, 2008

Installation Problem Help! [Mar. 15th, 2008|01:48 pm]
LiveJournal Development


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Ok I got the hosting done now I have a problem with this part of the install

svn co http://code.sixapart.com/svn/vcv/trunk vcv
svn export http://code.sixapart.com/svn/livejournal/trunk/cvs/multicvs.conf
vcv/bin/vcv --conf=multicvs.conf --checkout
 vcv/bin/vcv --conf=multicvs.conf --init

svn pulls down vcv and puts it in vcv/bin/vcv fine  it then pulls donw the multicvs.conf file fine BUT when I go to do checkout it pulls down a bunch of file but then stops with error

svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/livejournal/!svn/vcc/default'

svn: REPORT of '/svn/livejournal/!svn/vcc/default' : 200 OK (http://code.sixapart.com)

failed to run svn: is it installed? at vcv/bin/vcv line 175, <C> line 13

If some one can help me with this problem it would be MUCH APPRCIATED thank you

and yes svn is installed...

Also when I try to create a new journal it brings up the create name/password page then when I click the button it says " Sorry, there was a problem"  

Well thats pretty obvious it didnt work anyone help with any of this  I have been working on this for 2 days now
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