January 23rd, 2008

me, fearless leader
  • burr86

maintainer wanted!

I'm looking for a new maintainer/moderator for lj_dev! The community's not at all high-traffic, and the participants are all good people and whatnot, so at this time I think we only need one maintainer.

The ideal person is someone who is familiar with the innards of LJ, perhaps having run your own LJ instance or toyed around with the code yourself. This community gets a handful of entries per week, so you'll need to approve those entries, or redirect people to the right place (most likely Support). Those are the big things, really; this community is pretty chill overall. *grin*

If you're interested, leave a comment with a quick blurb about why you'd like to be the maintainer, and I'll pick someone by the end of next week or so. (Comments here are screened.) Thanks in advance to anyone who's interested, and if you've got questions, do feel free to email me at my @livejournal.com address.