December 18th, 2007

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Some advice?

Hey everyone =)

So I've been lurking around the community for a couple of days reading up on some posts and trying to find some helpful hints on how to run my own journal on a server. I haven't really found the answer I was looking for (unless I completely missed it), so I hope it's all right if I post my questions here. I apologize if they have been asked before but I just need a little guidance on where to begin.

My first question deals with the LJ code itself. Now I've looked at the installation guide and found a reference to a tarball file that could be downloaded and unzipped and just reuploaded onto a server to get started. Unfortunately the link for that file doesn't exist anymore. Afterwards, I went to the Six Apart repository to look at the code there and wow, there wasn't any sort of zip file just a bunch of folders and no directions on what to do with them! So basically I just need a little advice on what to do with the code at the Six Apart site and how to upload all of that onto a server.

Which brings me to my second question: servers. What web hosts would you all recommend and what sort of features should I be looking for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to start trying this as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time!

(no subject)

I want to read my friends' LJ entries as individual RSS feeds in an RSS reader on my Mac. The problem I'm trying to solve is that, when I add a hundred forty friend feeds to NetNewsWire (or other readers), it asks me for my LiveJournal username/password a hundred forty times. When I change my password, I have to enter the new one a hundred forty times again.

I've been told this is due to the requirements of RFC 2617, which defines the way that a client is supposed to be able to log in to a web service. But I find it hard to believe that it's impossible for an RSS client to notice that all of the feeds are all coming from '' (or '') and therefore can use the same authentication. I also find it hard to believe that nobody else has tried to use an RSS reader to read a moderate-to-large number of authenticated LJ feeds, and grumbled about having to enter the same login information so many times.

So, my question - where does the problem lie? Is LiveJournal at fault for requesting different realm information for each different user feed? Or is it the RSS reader's responsibility to recognize that all the feeds are coming from the same place and therefore should use the same login?

(I know there's a kludgy workaround involving using an S1 style to read a friendslist, but that's not what I'm after.)