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November 23rd, 2007

Blooger api and metadata [Nov. 23rd, 2007|03:04 pm]
LiveJournal Development


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UPDATE: Sorry, I understood I made  some mistakes. I'm using flat api now anyway, so these questions are not actual anymore.

I'm using xmlrpc api to post. This is description:

It works, but I can't figure how to get posting metadata working.
Description from the page above is not very clear:

props(optional): Set arbitrary (but restricted) meta-data properties to this log item. See Chapter 12: Journal Item Meta-data for the documentation of the keys and value data types.

Now questions:
1)Is posting metadata using xmlrpc api is working at all?
2)Can someone please supply an example of  xmlrpc metadata posting (only that part)? I tried to use simple struct and struct inside array, but these are not working (I tried "current_mood" and "current_music"
3)Does metadata support include lj tags?

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