October 13th, 2007

pentagram and leaves

Page format problems

We have a very strange thing happening over on CommieJournal, involving the format of the basic site/main page.

Sometimes, when you click on a link in the menu, the format of the entire page gets screwed up. Instead of putting the list of links where it belongs (either down the side, or across the top) it will spit them out taking up half the page, with the page body taking up the other half.

If you refresh (sometimes multiple times) it will re-set, but it's a major annoyance and I'd like to know how to make it stop.

This is happening with the pre-coded layouts (bluewhite, mainly)as well as one I created myself, so it isn't something that is an error on my part in terms of programming.

Does it have anything to do with calls on the DB? Our site IS getting more members, and I've not configured memcached yet.