March 21st, 2007

system user password irregularity, an unecessary opt_exclude_stats, and a missing schwartz

Setting up my own lj install and I experienced the same problems posted a couple of times in lj_everywhere to which no one ha d provided an answer. I've made some progress getting it working now:

Problem: Cannot log in as 'system'
It seems the script updates the system users password in the 'user' table of the database, but for some reason, the system user has a password in the table 'passwords', which contains what looks to be the "randomly generates" password from the initial creation of the system user.

Problem:  [Error: Invalid userprop opt_exclude_stats passed to LJ::load_user_props. at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 3396. @]

This shows up on almost every page when logged in. You can get rid of it by adding 'opt_exclude_stats' to the 'userproplist' table. I'm guessing this prop should be removed from, but I'll mitigate it with the database rather than start customising code i wanna sync to svn later.

Not yet fixed
Problem: [Error: Could not get TheSchwartz client at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 61. @]
This happens on logout. It looks like the instance of schwartz is not in $sclient when it is expected to be. I don't know the code well enough to say anymore.. any help with this is appreciated.