March 14th, 2007

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  • burr86

s2 bounty | RULES

I'm splitting this into two separate posts just to make it easier to digest. These are the rules, guidelines, etc for the S2 bounty. Obligatory "subject to change at any time" disclaimer in case it's needed, but I don't forsee it at this point. Comment if you've got questions!


* If you don't have a paid account (and therefore can't futz with layers), but want to participate, please let me know.

* Each bug you successfully fix will earn you a $5 LJ gift certificates. Some bugs will be worth more; those are noted accordingly.

* For every $25 in LJ gift certificates you earn, you'll also earn a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

* LJ gift certificates will be awarded when the changes are checked into our repository. For my sanity, though, we'll only send out Amazon gift certificates once every two weeks.

* You can only claim up to a total of $100 in LJ gift certificates, for a total of $100 LJ and $100 Amazon. This rule might be relaxed later, depending on interest and participation.


Browsers: IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, and Safari
Navigation Strip: Both on and off.
Ads: With and without advertisements.

* If for any reason you can't test in any particular combination, let me know -- I don't expect everyone to be able to account for every combination, so if there's something you can't test yourself (or get a friend to test), let me know.

* Not all changes absolutely need to be tested in all combinations, so use your judgement in deciding what needs to be tested for any particular change.

* If you need to test your bugfix with/without advertisements, please let me know, and I'll give you the ability to force ads on for one pageview (without switching your entire journal to the ad level).


You can obtain the latest layer source at:

* Reply to the RT ticket to say you're working on it.
* Copy the original layer code into a new layer on LJ
* Make the necessary changes to the layer
* Reply to the RT ticket with the layer ID number.

I'll automatically be notified with your reply. I'll then review and commit patches and then send out the LJ gift certificate

For our purposes, we only want direct bugfixes to the layouts. I know -- and many of you know -- that the layout code might be ugly, but to avoid causing additional problems when fixing a bug, avoid modifying layer code unless you have to.