February 18th, 2007

Parsing an LJ via PHP


My desire is to be able to call a (public) LJ community page via PHP from my server and parse through the code so it eventually prints out certain posts (e.g. ones that do NOT have tag X).

I have a written a CRUDE PHP script that does it and it does work.  But the output is hideous, there are numerous bugs, and I am sure it is a load on my server.  But these problems are beyond my ability to fix.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any existing script(s) that did this (via PHP, PERL, or Python).

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PHP client

I'm working on a LJ client using PHP & XML-RPC, and am rather stumped on this...

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Every time I call this function, I get an error message saying "Client error: Missing required argument(s)". I don't understand why though...from what I see here, all that's required is the username and password...and, I have them both there. Yes, the password is already hashed (MD5), in case you're curious about that. I can generate sessions perfectly too...
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XML-RPC problem with getfriends when a purely numeric friends name exists

Edited to cut the code so it doesn't break people's friends pages
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isn't valid - because I'm getting back an "int" for the value of the username and fullname. I know that in this unusual case the username _is_ an int, but it's breaking code in the XMLRPC framework I'm using, because it's trying to parse it into a string.
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is what the structure should be (although obviously that's a different user)

Is this something that can be fixed?
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