November 16th, 2006

bootstrapping LJ

I realized our docs have fallen out of sync from our tools lately, so here's an update on bootstrapping LiveJournal from subversion:

~$ cd $LJHOME
~/test-lj$ mkdir cvs
~/test-lj$ cd cvs/
~/test-lj/cvs$ svn co vcv
~/test-lj/cvs$ svn co livejournal
~$ cd $LJHOME
~/test-lj$ cvs/vcv/bin/vcv --conf=cvs/livejournal/cvs/multicvs.conf --checkout -c -s

Then in the future, to stay updated:

~$ bin/ -u -c -s

( is just a front-end to vcv)

Look at the vcv options to see how to use it.



I'm looking for advice on setting up a Live Journal system for the University of Illinois at Chicago. The basic idea we're going for is to have a journal system that all registered students and staff can have accounts on. It will hopefully be a way for students, staff and professors to interact and I'm sure it would be a great for countless student groups.

So the basics of what I'm looking for in a journalling system are:

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To get to a technical question. I've been hacking away at my setup, starting with an svn checkout from the trunk, and now I'm trying to start it up for the first time and I'm getting errors where in serveral places it's trying to use TheSchwartz/ I see LJ/Worker/ but no TheSchwartz/ So I'm a little flummoxed right now. (Part of why I'm questioning my sanity for taking on this project).
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Invalid Markup Notification

Is there any reason why LiveJournal will push markup all the way up until an error is occured? Check out this example. The TABLE is started, but never finished, therefor breaking the page. A more extreme example would be my own friends page, down where the latest wikipedia_potd feed entry broke it. Would it at all be possible to have the cleaner test/parse the entire entry BEFORE pushing any of the data to the client?
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