July 11th, 2006

<iq type='error'> bug in Jabber server

Not sure it is proper community to post, but...

Found during investigating why Gajim can't connect to livejournal.com Jabber server.

When client sends stanza server does not understand, such as
<iq from="dottedmag@livejournal.com/Gajim" type="get" id="152">
  <query xmlns="jabber:iq:private">
    <storage xmlns="storage:metacontacts" />

server responds with the stanza
<iq  to='dottedmag@livejournal.com/Gajim' type='error' id='152'>

However, RFC 3920 states:

An IQ stanza of type "error" SHOULD include the child element contained in the associated "get" or "set" and MUST include an <error/> child; for details, see Stanza Errors (Section 9.3).

Seems that Gajim is confused by missing <error/> child in the reply.

Full LJTalk s2s working

After a brief deployment hiccup which spammed a lot of you with subscribe requests (whoops), the new LJ Talk roster code is live, which means you can now:

-- add non-LJ Jabber addresses to your LJ Talk buddy list,
-- rename roster items,
-- move roster items between groups,
-- accept presence-request invites from JIDs (both LJ and non-LJ).
-- cancel/nak presence-request invites from JIDs (both LJ and non-LJ).
-- remove LJ people from your roster (but without de-friending them)
-- etc, etc.

Basically s2s (server-to-server) communication was severely hindered up until now without the ability to put non-LJ JIDs on your roster.

But it should be all good now.

Enjoy the Jabber federation!

I'm going on vacation now for 3 weeks. If you don't hear from me until August 1st don't think this project is dead or anything. Please post bug reports here and the reliable burr86 will read them all and report them to us when we get back. (a couple of us are going on vacation around the same times...)