April 24th, 2006

stats, access to number of pending schools

I'm part of the schools approval team (aka team leaky canoe;-). I created a small script to remind me to approve schools for my country when there are pending schools. The only way I could get data about them was from http://www.livejournal.com/stats/stats.txt . I thought this was generated nightly, but since I've been using the tool more, I've found that it isn't. Was that changed recently or did I assume this wrongly?

Obviously, downloading the whole stats file is just a way to get to data I couldn't get any other way, so if possible, I'd like to get just the schools_pending data somehow... Any chance of an API, separate (nightly) stats file, or any other way to get that data? (An API would be nice, even if it just report 'no schools pending' or 'schools pending', and to make this useful for people handling the US and other big countries as well, a way to get pending/no pending info per state would good too. For myself, per country is enough however.)