April 17th, 2006

sfdsg, me, wetwt

MogileFS - LJ - Replication

Got MogileFS up and running on a single test server running both mogstored and mogilefsd.
For test purposes instead of mounting different drives or partitions at /var/mogdata I just created three local directories dev1, dev2, dev3.

When I create userpics, single copies of the pics are stored to /var/mogdata/dev1/0/000/000 - /var/mogdata/dev3/0/000/000. But it is only storing 1 copy of each userpic (mindevcount is set to 3 for userpics).

Question - Is this working as designed because it is smart enough to realize that dev1-dev3 are really the same file system so why waist space?, or do I have something configured wrong that is preventing replication? (I did notice in the host table for hostid 1 the http_port set to 7500 but there is nothing in the http_get_port).