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December 22nd, 2005

Community membership request mail [Dec. 22nd, 2005|08:01 pm]
LiveJournal Development



I manage a community, and have it set so that moderator approval is required for membership. This is because we were having a lot of problems with sex spammers, and I was tired of having to delete a message or two a day, and the community was tired of seeing them.

So, now I get this mail, and the first thing I have to do each time is go to the journal of the person requesting membership to make sure they aren't a spammer. I don't mind doing this, but the mail could make it lots easier than it does.

Currently, I only get links for 'approve membership' (completely useless and slightly dangerous for my purpose) 'pending membership requests page' (the most useful, and the link I always use) and 'manage this community' (which is totally useless, but not dangerous). I would really like to get a link to the info page of the journal making the request and possibly even a 'reject' link.

My ideal arrangement would be:

  • link to the info page of the journal requesting membership
  • link to pending community memberships
  • link to 'accept this request'
  • link to 'reject this request'
  • link to 'manage this community'

I would argue that in at least 95% of the cases where a community has moderator approved membership, the moderator must research the journal requesting membership in some way, so a link to the journal requesting membership should at least be in the email.

Edit: I changed things to specify the info page explcitly because some journals have such horrible styles that you have to enter the link to the info page manually since there is no obvious link in the journal.

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