September 30th, 2005



Help me out here...

Inspired by

It seems like it out to be easy enough for users to specify one of their userpics (specified by the keyword "userinfo") to be used instead of the standard userinfo.gif whenever someone does a <lj user=something> tag with their name.

So I poked at the source a little, and found two spots that looked like likely candidates. The first is livejournal/cgi-bin/LJ/, and I sort of took a stab at starting, but quickly got bogged down in userpic / userpic2 stuff. I guess I just don't understand the db schema here, and haven't done much LJ programming, so I didn't get very far. Maybe someone who knows what they're doing can finish this off in 10 minutes:

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The other possible spot was in ./livejournal/bin/upgrading/s2layers/core1.s2 around line 1454. Now THAT's off in S2 land I think, and I REALLY have no clue what to do there.

Can some kind soul finish this up? What are the odds it would make it into the real site?

s1shortcomings, continued

Remember, the goal of all this is to remove redundant code, not piss people off. So, good solution, I think:

Everybody browsing with ?style=mine will still get BML/site-branded comment/reply pages, if your style uses S1/BML.

We'll actually use BML for the frame, not fake it, so we don't need submissions of S2 styles that look like xcolibur/lynx/dystopia/etc... but the inside of the page will be S2, thus solving our duplicate code problem. And over time if/when we get new BML themes, we get 'em for free, and don't have to write S2 for them.

(so the BML pages end up being like 20 lines of code, just to invoke the correct S2 entry point....)

Cool? Cool.