September 29th, 2005

New display rules

I just checked in more timezone stuff. From that commit message:

update to timezone display. new defaults:

If you're logged in:

text: 2005-09-29 5:28 pm (local)
tooltip: 15 minutes after post, 7:28 pm (bob's time)

If you're not logged in:

text: 2005-09-30 01:28 am (UTC)
tooltip: 15 minutes after post, 7:28 pm (bob's time)

And now tooltip works in all browsers, including IE.

The ISO 8601 date format, as above, is recommended, but any other non-ambigous date format is okay. LiveJournal's "The Boxer" style, for instance, uses "Teu, Sep 28th, 2005", which is acceptable.

Examples of not-acceptable date formats include:



If it's going to be only numbers, then it must be ISO 8601

Note on time format's and am/pm vs 24 hour time: this is a style preference. Any time format is acceptable. The timezone code just uses the existing style-configured "short" time format.