September 28th, 2005

timezone support

LiveJournal timezone support ....

... at least the beginnings of it.

So far:

-- /editinfo.bml lets you set your timezone. in the future we'll probably auto-set it from zip codes or something.

-- S2 styles get access to a bunch of new data about times in different timezones. generator's the only one that uses it so far. but i used the [abbr] tag for the tooltips, not aware of HTML's title attribute, so it currently only works in Safari and Firefox. will switch generator to use title tomorrow so it works in IE6 too.

go look at this once you've set your timezone and mouseover the time offsets.

In the future:

-- timezones stored as per-post metadata?

-- lots of stuff? no more "timezone guessing" in, e.g., the blogger API code.

-- [your suggestion here?]